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sparc helps Americans save on prescription drugs.

sparc provides our networking experience across the country of Representatives to bring Pharmacy Discount Cards to the consumer directly from Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

sparc is not an insurance company. sparc works with major Pharmacy Benefit Managers that provide discounted rates on prescription drugs for under-insured and uninsured consumers—for free.

You've probably seen Pharmacy Discount Cards in a local Pharmacy, Clinic or Health Center—etc. The Cards are completely free and no information is required to benefit from the discounts they offer.

How the Card works—when a consumer is in any pharmacy picking up their prescription, during the check-out process they should present America’s Pharmacy™ Discount Card—distributed exclusively by sparc—to the pharmacist. Discount Cards work almost exactly the same as average coupons—they are sometimes known as Pharmacy Discount Coupons. The savings are based on three main factors; Pharmacy chain, dosage and quantity of the particular prescription drug.

How is America’s Pharmacy™ Discount Card free? How do Representatives receive commission from giving away free products?—once our card is used at one of the 62,000+ pharmacies on our network (virtually all of them), the pharmacy is charged a processing fee which is then passed to the appropriate Representative via our tracking analytics.

Why would Pharmacies use Pharmacy Discount Cards knowing about the processing fee and big discounts cutting into profits?—prescriptions are marked up 400% to 800%+ on average. With discounts offered from America’s Pharmacy™ Discount Card and the processing fee, the Pharmacy still makes a profit—most common drugs cost a few cents to manufacture. Waiting for a prescription at the local Pharmacy, consumers tend to shop spending an average of $32 on store items, and that average is significantly high in Super Markets with Pharmacy Departments.

About the Job—Regional Development Managers "Representatives" start with several thousand cards provided for free by sparc, along with all the marketing materials needed to build your region and commissions—when you run low, we will order more, absolutely free. Your "region" is where you reside, Hampden & Hampshire Counties. Representatives also manage there own hours—assuming 25+ hours a week.

About Commissions—Representative's Pharmacy Discount Cards are tracked via the GROUP# on each Card, and the GROUP# is exclusive to them. Anywhere in the country this GROUP# is used, the Representative will receive their commission—which is $14 per a card the first time it is used.

sparc comes to you when it's time to start. Hands on, in the field training showing you in person exactly how everything is done.



Craig Beacham     |     Managing Director     |     craig@sparc.biz